Professional handling is a kind of art were you presenting dogs
in the best way to highlight its advanages and hide defects.
Even the most beautiful dog may lose by incompetent or wrong presentation
in the ring. Success at the dog show depends in 25% from the dogs movement,
in 25 % from its anatomy and from 50% it depends of its presentation
and perfect handling.

I'm showing dogs since 2005. I work with each dog idividually, trying to find
common language with dog, which allows for excellent cooperation.
It fascinates me to work with a dog, making contact with them,
and ofcourse the most working with them at the dog show rings.
I try to teach dogs to have fun at the show rings, to like dog shows,
to treat it as a play ground, without the pressure.

If you need someone who will help you get along with your own dog,
or would like You to make your dog a star of the show rings I will
gladly help you in this! Feel free to to see my references page
were are dog owners opinios about me and also to see gallery were
are a lot of photos from dog shows and other places in the world :)

On the picture: Rocheby Mr.Tom - BIS Junior at Retriever Club Show in Poland 2012
with the honorable judge Phillip Lamens (kennel: Misty Dreams)