Our adventure began with Kamila in February at a seminar handling led by her in Warsaw.
Both of us were green in the subject of dog shows. Well led seminar put together every
difficult words in my mind. Practice - element for us very difficult, but after 2 days of work
under the supervision of Kamila, then according to the instructions, hard work at home,
led us to success :) At the shows Stefa works marvelous with Kamila. Each return from show
is a happiness for us. Time after time getting better description from the judges - the most
important for us are those with "excellent movement" :) Therefore, I can safely say that
Kamila has a professional approach to dogs. And I know why she does that - she does that
because she loves dogs very much and they loves her!

Marta & Stefa

We have met Kamila at handling seminar in Jaworzno this year. I've had several dog shows behind me,
but I wanted someone to look objectively, assessed me and advised me what to improve and what we have
to work on. During the two-day seminar, our duo has changed beyond all! I learned how to not approach
so seriously to dog shows, and Walle has learned to enjoy the dog shows, that it will be fun for the him,
something "super-extra". So I started to teach my second dog the same. As a result, with great surprise,
we were given a description of the "excellent cooperation between dog and owner and excellent presentation "
- this is for us a great honor and appreciation for our hard work. My second dog - my little baby is now
a real showman :) I will never achieved this without Kamila - thank you ;)

Ala, Walle & Mambo ;)

We met Kamila for the first time at the handling seminar in Kolobrzeg in 2014.
We were there with an English Bulldog and Bullmastiff. We had no idea how to show
bigger dog that English Bulldog so it was hard for us to show our Bullmastif. She is
not easy, very stubborn dog :) At the seminary we learned how to deal with our Rodi,
how to present and make her comfortable at the show ring. Rodi already on the second
day of training showed progress after many Kamilas ideas! In January 2015 we decided
to let Kamila show our dear girl Rodi. It was a very good decision because we could
watch from the side how it should look, how to properly show Bullmastif. Girls won
first CAC and title Best Female. Rodi trusted Kamila as nobody else! We were and we are
delighted with these lessons, cooperation with Kamila and we proudly continue to show
our Rodi. Thank a lot to Kamila, if not you, there still will be in Rodis descriptions
that we poorly showing our Bullmastif :) We highly recommended Kamila as a professional Handler!

Eliza & Tomek and Boston & Rhodes

We met Kamila completely by accident - I was completely blind in dog shows subject.
I found Kamila in the internet, I found her website. When I bought Pixel I never wanted to
show him, he was sold as a pet, but I love him so much so I decided to show him to the world!
For me as an owner, showing Pixel was only huge amount of stress, so I decided to find a handler.
Pixel from the first trening session was walking like enchanted and this was excactly what I needed!
Kamila is so professional, with huge experience, she is cheerful and I can see that she loves what
she is doing and I am sooo happy that she is showing my lovely Pixel!

Martyna & Pixel (ANAKIN SKYWALKER Bulldokracja)

We would like to say thank you to Kamila Bartel for led handling seminar in October 2014
in Kołobrzeg. Kamila was in our school for the first time and we already know it isn't the
last time! In seminar participated people, who just started their adventure in dog show world,
and people who would like to deepen their knowledge. Kamila as an instructor submitted her knowledge
in professional way, comprehensive, and most importantly, understandable. Both practical and theoretical
workouts were very dynamic and interesting. Two days were enough to see how peole progressed, how
dogs increased under Kamilas hand!

Accalia Dog School in Kołobrzeg

From the time I met with my flat coated retrievers dear Kamila,
my relationship with dogs improved, it came to me that handling
is a good thing, and I want to do it. Kamila by teaching me she taught
my dogs as well, which are now in the moment of entering on the rings
claim to be the most beautiful dogs in the world, and I walking in with
a great confidence and sure of winning. Thanks to her my life has been
turned upside down, the priority is now how my dogs looks , their
presentation, condition and whether or not I have enough money to go
on every important dog show not only in Poland. Kamila infected me with
her passion, sharing her secrets, constantly improving, constantly learning,
and at the same time being just a friend you can rely on!

Adrianna Kunikowska & Rapida Falls Optimus Canis & Irve Black & White

Ada was one of my students at the first seminar in Warsaw. She is doing wery well
at the dog shows now! I'm really happy to have such a great students!

I would really love to say that I have a perfectly educated a dog
that at the dog shows feel like a fish in the water. However my dear Efra
has a tough character, and controling her temperament is something very
difficult. It is not hard to guess that the vision of the dog show by Efra
was completely different than mine. I was trying everything to show Efra
in the best possible way. In every show there was a different handler who
try to show Efra unfortunately with none of success. Till I met Kamila,
then my dear Efra felt the cha cha :) Kamila presented Efra in amazing way
showing all her advantages. For the first time I was standing at ringside
really proud and for Efra it was such a pleasure to work with Kamila.
The contection which combined Kamila and Efra together even for me was not
really understood. But when I saw my baby girl lying in front of Kamila from
happiness that she see Kamila, I finally understood! There are people who
have heart, who have good approach to the dogs and natural talent,
their stealing the hearts of dogs. Such a wonderful person is Kamila!
When Kamila presents Efra in the ring, her talent and professionalism
and heart is the way to success of my baby girl, only then I am calm and proud
because I know that Efra is in the finest hands!


Klaudia & Efra Jaśminowa Zagroda

Our adventure with dog shows began about a year ago. Kamila introduced
us - completely green in the subject, in the world of dog shows, patiently
explained and answered to each question, showed how to work with the dog.
Kamila is a professional in every way, always cheerful, smiling and very
helpful and most importantly, loves her job and dog - when they see her
their tails starts to waging around :) The magnitude of the work of Kamila
and her whole heart, which puts in translates into her great success and
recognition in the community. Our baby boy from the little known Kama.
Already in baby class happily trotted with her on the podium and won
numerous awards and we tearfully jumping with joy! Surely I'm not the
first person establishes that my dog ​​listens only Kamila ... :) I wish
everyone to hit on such a wonderful handler which is Kamila! Thank you for
all the successes Enchantress for all of our dog successes, trophies and medals
which remind us every day about how wonderful dog we have and how much he reached
through your work and because of you!

Kajka, Tomek & Szafir (SUNSET Tęczowy Gaj)

I am at the beginning of my adventure with the dog shows - and every day I'm glad
that the fate crossed my path with Kamila. From the beginning of our relationship
she is my guide and adviser. She always find time to answer all of my questions,
even this unusual :-) patiently explains, demonstrates exercises. I can always count
on her help. My Ekler looks at her spellbound - behaves differently with the other people,
including dog trainers. I have the impression that Kamila establishes contact with animals
mysteriously and talk with them in way she and dogs only know :-)

My dog ​​loves me - but listens to Kamila :-)

I hope that we still have many dog shows before and also walks and talks...
I would love to recommend Kalmila to each dog owner as a professional, kind
and responsible handler, connecting great knowledge and professionalism with passion,
commitment and love. I privately admire this young girl's energy, strength, perseverance
and determination in achieving the goals! Keep going that way Kamila!

Anita Garska-Karnasiewicz & EKLER via Rivendall.

"In the world of fairy tales enchantresses are an integral part of the created
space in our reality, well ..... there is Kamila. With a smile, a warm look, melody
sounds uttered no problem making her way to the dog hearts. Bond loved Kamila
at the first sight and thus unruly, less than four month old pup glided on leash
like regular dog show frequenter. Kama gave him a chance for a great start to the
journey for high notes on the shows. I think Kamilas skills are the thing which can
not be learned - perhaps in a previous life was a charmer of animals? Professionalism
is a competence, which can be purchased, but when we add to it the ease, joy the work
being done, incredible good flow of energy, passion, we gain the final "product" which
is our exhibit enchantress - Kamila. Kamila, we wish our Bond (Al-grom DOUBLE O SEVEN)
to getting into your hands at every show, when he will competeWe wish to the other dogs
which today, tomorrow or in the future will be accompanied in canine careers ....
and let your spell lasts until the end of the world and one day longer! "

Monika Czypionka & Bondek (Al-Grom Double 0 Seven) & Milo (Millenium Bella Mare)

Many times, I found out that my dogs in the ring with Kamila starting to like the
dog shows and look great, they do what she expect from them at this point is expected.
I would recommend Kamila as an excellent handler, a person who has "it" in dealing with dogs,
can handle not even the really difficult cases and bring out your pet's best features
of anatomy and character. Probably not even once I will ask her for help in showing my dogs
because she makes it really professionally.

Magdalena Piechuta ( labrador retriever kennel: Mela Mania FCI )

At the beginning was Chester who like by using magic wand performs all what Kamila
is required from him! But a moment later thanks toKamila appeared in our house little
black Mia (Xelia Deva Herbu Zadora) there was no doubt who will be working with her at
the dog shows and her success. History repeats itself, and as pure and unconditional
Kamila love Chester and Chester love Kamila so now and Mia waging her tail as soon as she
hears the voice of Kamila. Kamila except of natural ability to make an amazing bond
with the dogs is also a great companion at trips and family friend. You can always count
on her , she is happy to help and never refuse it, there is not impossible for her.
Thank you for the work beautifully with our amazing dogs.

Ewa, Radek, Janek, Chester (M'CHESTER Perkozowy Raj) & Mia (Xelia Deva Herbu Zadora)
send a friendly kisses for Kamila always having something delicious for them in the pocket.

I also present at the dog shows 3rd dog of Ewa & Radek - MERCI Herbu Zadora.
Ewa & Radek are owners of labrador retriever kennel: Bloomwood FCI

Everyone would like to present your dog by yourself, well at least we want :)
But not everyone can be born with this ability stress-free contact with the judge,
with a slight approach he momentary insubordination dog and fast redirect his focus
on his person. One we will be able to do this, but Kama has it in her nature
and therefore, with great pleasure we entrust herKarat and Spinel in important
exhibitions for us and together we look forward to successes which they achive together.
We also thank Kamila for her valuable lessons, thanks to we are able to show our dogs
alone, and we doing better and better :)

Iza & Tomek & Karat (Sapphire Perro Cobrador) & Spinel (Compendio Eastville)

Kamila is No1 for me when it comes to presentation of Flat Coated Retrievers on Polish rings.
You can see her work in the professionalism and great commitment. She treats every dog individually
and she always trying to fing golden remedy to show dogs perfectly. Dogs are very willing to
cooperate with her and have great fun with her on and out of the show rings. Thank you Kamila
for the presentation of my dogs - Lady, Cobra and Hector. Already can not wait for the next
dog shows with you :)

Kind regards Mirek, Lady, Cobra & Hector (Flat & Curly Coated Retriever kennel: HeCoLaP FCI)

It's really great to give Kamila Flat Coted Retriever to present at the dog shows.
Dog in her hands is an amazing presentation of a professional show of anatomy and beautiful
movement with drive and good temperament :)) Keep going this way Kamila!.

Kind regards Gabriela Kawala (Flat Coated Retriever: Gawika FCI)

Since last year Kamila is showing our Bombon - Dogo Argentino. The key to any success
at the dog shows is excellent cooperation between Kamila and Bombon, she beautifully shows
him in static and in movement emphasizing the advantages, nature and anatomy. The performance
in the ring for both is a real pleasure! In the show ring it is not only the exterior and
condition of the dog, but the ability to show the advantages of a beautiful dog,
which Kamila does in 100%. Cooperation and the understanding between Kamila and Bombon
lead to a beautiful presentation that pleases us as Bombons owners, and also enjoys
the viewer's eye. Bombon loves Kamila with all his heart. She was in touch with him and
he knows what to do and he listen all her instructions, but we need to remember that
Bombon is not the mascot, he has a temper, as the Dogo Argentino does. I think it's not
an easy breed, but Kamila handle it very well and when she approach to every dog she ​​puts
her heart and soul into her work and you can see how joyfull it is for her! Thanks to you,
Kamila for all. We wish you great successes, always look forward to the next show!!!

Tatiana and Oleg Czertkowy - Bombon Nido de Condores!

Thanks to Kamila my girls could go to a dog show in Katowice and Czestochowa
where they were beautiffuly presented. Previously, I had the opportunity to meet Kamila
and watch her work with dogs in the ring, her approach to dogs. I had no fear for entrusting
her Kawa and Aruba for a 2-day show. Kamila is a professional with a great heart for dogs.
I would recommend Kamila as a professional handler. I think more than once would use her
to show my dogs. Good luck and thank you!

Ula Sar & Kawa & Aruba (kennel Perro Cobrador)

Kamila = professionalism. As if by magic touch an incredible bond appears between
Kamila and the dog. In a single weekend he has made a miracle with our ONTARIO Herbu Zadora
showing his greatest strengths in Cluj Napoca, Romania where they won Romanian Junior Champion
title by winning 3 times in a row. With all our heart we sincerely recommend Kamila as
a professional handler !!!

Dorota and Arek Goguła & ONTARIO (kennel z Iłżeckiego Grodu)

Kamil beautifully shows our Chester on dog shows. Now, as he sees her he knows immediately
what to do. Full professionalism !!! I highly recommend Kamila as the professional handler,
Thank yoy Kamila for the wonderful showing of my frisky chocolate Chester. I wish you a lot of success !!

Eva & Radek Kotowscy & Chester (M'CHESTER Perkozowy Raj)

Since last year Kamila is showing my setters. In this time 3 of my dogs completed
Polish Champion titleand became Champion of Lithuania and Hungary. Kamila not only
presents the dogs in the ring but also works with them before the show, there is nothing
what can scared her off the work with dogs, there is no difficult case for her.
In the time of cooperation with Kamila I can tell that she is a very disciplined
and responsible person, has a sense of organization and the desire to extend her knowledge.
She is open to new experiences. She is a great travel companion, which is particularly important
for further trips. I highly recommend Kamila as a fully professional handler.

Ewa & The Setters (kennel: Herbu Zerwi Kuper FCI)

Professionalism, heart and invisible thread of understanding from the first contact with the dog.
Just a fairy! The first dog show and the first place. The joy and emotions of the whole family.
Thank you very very much!

Mariola & Muffin (MUFFIN OF Szweda)

Excellent approach to the dog, sensational and rapid contact with our dog and
not ending strenght to properly show your pet, Kamila knows what she is doing and
she is the best in this. I do not think one person is tempted to take advantage
of the help :) We for sure.

Magda & Nadin (NADIN Bony Dux)

Kamila is a nice professional person. She has extensive experience and great contact with dogs.
Beautifully showing and running on the ring. I will always like you to handle my Bastia
every time you can, in your hands Kamila, in very good hands. In one word = professional.
Kamila thank you so much!

Magda & Bastia (POINTA Helleńska Osada)

Kamila! I would like to thank you for the wonderful showing of my Neville. I know that the CAC
it is because of you, and my dad were you delighted see you both together. He said he can see that
you are a professional and that Neville where never so beautifully presented in the ring.
Thanks again and see you next time;-)

Ania & Neville (Compendio NEVILLE COM)

I do not know how this girl is doing it, but Kamil is a magician;) A dog is doing
everything she wants. My Helga is in love with her. I spent two months with Helga to taught
her the correct standing possition and proper running, and did it in 10 minutes!
I highly recommend Kamila. You can see that she loves what she does !!
Thank you very much for your help !!

Regards Magda & Helga (HELGA HUFFELPUF Heleńska Osada)

Excellent professionalist, putting her heart and soul into working with dogs,
you will see that it makes her the enormity of joy. She can make amazing contact with the dog,
also does exactly what she meant. Stefan wonderfully presented, exposing all his greatest strengths,
both in motion and statics consequence of which was Best of Breed and 3rd place Best of Group.
Thanks very much for the wonderful handling.
Before us another exhibition where Stefan certainly will be showing by Kamila:)

Bartek & Stefan (Compendio ALL MY LITTLE BOY)

Kamila is a person characterized by openness and determination. Every dog treats individually
and trying to find his good and bad sides, then use it in the ring. My Nemrod is a huge exuberant
dog who in the company of other pets, is going to be more stupid than without other dogs, and therefore
it is difficult to him to focus at the time of presentation in the ring. Kamila was trying so many
different possibilites to found the way to work with my Nemrod, which resulted the winning of BOB title
at the age of just 12 months. Thank you, Kama, for your patience and we look forward to see you again.

Alicja & Nemrod (SWEET EXPRESSO Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury)

When you entrust your pet to Kamila on the dog show, you can very quickly seen the
change - the pet dog is changing to show dog, the winner of the rings. Not only that,
the dog is shaggy tail wags, his chest sticking out as you need and shows the judge
"who is he". I do not know how Kamila it does, that doggy so hastily grabs what she meant.
It is standing like a true champion, running as painted. Fantastic approach to both the dog
and the owner, professionalism, a smile on her face and to have that zero
stress - Kamila does it in 100%. I highly recommend her as a professional handler and thank you
on behalf of myself, family and of course Nuda that Kamila during the dog show feed enough
her with sausages:) I wish you continued success and thank you for the wonderful showing of mu Nuda!

Maja Trzop, Nuda Trzop (EVENING STAR Moloseum) & other Trzops

A good handler is not only the person who at the dog show shows the dog, but one that can
establish contact with him, offering him his love and understanding. And you just do it Kamilka.
Thank you for showing my girl, but above all for contact that she has with you. Keep up the good:)

Katarzyna Benka (Grosslab FCI Kennel)

Kamila is a person who loves the ring and above all dogs (as much as they love her). She is a person,
which approaches each dog with a big heart, on an individual basis, but also is the professional. Sometimes,
when I see her with my girl I am wondering why a stranger is treat my dog like your own! And the dog is
looking with confidence into Kamila's eyes, then I get a little jealous :) Therefore, I believe that Kamila
as a handler is facing a bright future :) I'm going to continue using her "Services" :)

Monika Kapałka-Rec (Black Dangerous FCI Kennel)

A rare professionalism and expertise integrated with sensitivity and tenderness caused
that our baby labrador boy Monti in the hands of Kamila became a dog parlor, he just looks like the "Mister".
He awakened dormant in him modeling at the same time concealing his 'minimum' imperfections. Her talent made
that our Montek after four exhibitions became Polish Champion. With sincerity, we find that Kamila
thanks to her ability to establish contact with the dog and her benevolence and erudition was a gift for
such laymen like us.

Małgosia, Paweł & Monti (MONT BLANC Bella Mare)

Kamila from the beginning had the opportunity to learn from the best and work with the top dogs,
because at the dog show she began to travel in the company of breeding Labradors with Bella Mare and Herbu Zadora.
Therefore it is accustomed to winning :) Kamila worked with many of our labradors, so she can present
every dog at their best, and a large knowledge about the breed allows her expose all the advantages
of the animal. She is a cultural, professional and ambitious.

Sonia Czajor (Bella Mare FCI Kennel) & Monika Dowgiałło (Herbu Zadora FCI Kennel)

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